Easterbrook Discovery School

grants awarded in 2015-2016

Creating an Outdoor Classroom for K/1 Students

Materials were purchased to create an outdoor classroom that is being used once a week for all K/1 students with an emphasis on science. 

Installing an outdoor sink to use in the Moreland Woods

Grant was awarded to install a commercial grade outdoor sink to use with the outdoor classroom.

grants awarded in 2014-2015

Ukulele Club

The Ukulele Club was started at lunchtime at EDS this winter. The club meets once a week during lunch time recess and is open to any 2nd or 3rd grade student. The purpose of the club is to offer a fun activity during lunch where students can express a love of music and play instruments together. This grant will help to purchase supporting materials such as music, tuners for the teachers and replacement strings. Purchasing ukuleles has the added benefit of allowing the school to use the instruments to augment the regular Performing Arts classes for K-3 students. MEF awarded $975 to the Ukulele Club at EDS.

Students of the Ukulele Club performing:

Life in the Sea - In Class workshop by Mad Science

 “Life in the Sea” is a workshop that relates directly to K/1 PBL project on Ocean Conservation. A key component of PBL is for students to learn from authenitic experts in the field. Through this program, students would learn from these experts and experience specially designed hands-on curriculum which will engage and inspire them about conserving the ocean and marine life within it.

Students will learn about underwater habitats and discover how humans can help protect ocean life. Mad Science is known for their creative and engaging, motivating presentations for children, with objectives that align with STEM. Students will learn about the ocean’s diverse life forms—from plankton to whales, as well as discover a variety of underwater habitats, and learn how humans can help protect ocean life.

Read the class blog about Life in the Sea.

 MEF awarded $1,155 to the "Life in the Sea" K/1 PBL project.

grants awarded in 2013-2014

Now Board for Special Day Classes

This grant is for all special day classes at EDS.  The whiteboards will allow all lessons to be interactive and accessible to all students.  It will allow teaching to each student’s level and increase engagement, participation and focus for all students, and especially those visually impaired.  This teaching tool will be especially helpful to special needs students. 

It will allow students to manipulate information and content rather than using pencil and paper (which can be difficult for these students).  Teachers will have a better pictures of what students understand using this technology. 

MEF is excited to support this project and has awarded $1500 towards this endeavor.

Project Based Learning Garden

MEF's most recent Small Grant recipients will be turning boring bushes into delicious delights with their Common Core Project Based Learning garden.  Congrats to Mrs. Russell's 5th grade and EDS community!

grants awarded in 2012-2013

EDS Digital Tools Grant

MEF awarded $3,000 to EDS to help with the upgrade of their 10 year old computer lab.  With the grant the school will purchase 10 new Chromebooks to go in the newly upgraded lab that will house space for 50 students to work at a time.