Our schools and students are thriving thanks to the dedicated parents and community members that support Moreland Schools.

Board Positions

Treasurer / Director of Finance:

MEF’s treasurer will direct and be part of the decision making of how we use our funds to support Moreland students. And you won’t be on your own. We’ve hired a bookkeeper to maintain our accounts and track spending. We are also using an system on the cloud for tracking. Join our team to help take MEF to the next level. Contact president@mefhome.org to learn more.


The next step for MEF is to reach out to the local businesses in our community. We are looking for someone who loves making connections and helping us establish corporate and business sponsorships. Moreland has a strong community, and this will be a new endeavor for MEF—you can make this happen. The board will work together to set a vision and work out a plan, but the Vice President is at the helm. Contact president@mefhome.org to learn more.

sports in moreland chair:

Are you a strong believer in “healthy bodies, healthy minds” for Moreland students? The Sports in Moreland (SiM) Chair is the liaison between Moreland coaching staff and MEF. You’ll help maintain the excellent sports programs that keep our student-athletes strong and their minds sharp, in sports like track and field, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Contact president@mefhome.org to learn more.

MEF - School Representative:

Are you involved in your school site community? Be an advocate for your school as an MEF-School Representative! In this role, you’ll bring opportunities to your school from MEF. You’ll help MEF brag about your school to the rest of our community. And you’ll help keep your school up-to-date with the latest MEF activities. Contact president@mefhome.org to learn more.

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