Sports Awareness Week

Did you know that ⅔ of the after school sports program is paid with funds raised by the Moreland Education Foundation? Currently, the district provides about ⅓ of the funding needed.  The rest of the funds - for uniforms (students and coaches), equipment, sports banquets, awards, and coaching salaries - are paid with funds raised by the Moreland Education Foundation (MEF).

Photo: MMS 6/7 Soccer Champions


Programs Of MEF

Sports in Moreland (SIM)

Learn how MEF supports the the character-building after-school sport programs going despite budget cuts. 

Just Do It →


Learn how MEF provides music instruction and equipment for grades 4-8 in all Moreland schools.

Make Some Music →

How does MEF support students in the Moreland School District? Watch and find out, and help support us by donating today!