Anderson Elementary School

Principal Tasha Quinonez's note of thanks to the Moreland Community.

Grants Awarded in 2015-2016

Enrichment Lab

Anderson was awarded $1500 to create a lab space where teachers could hold enrichment clubs for students during lunch time and after school.  Enrichment clubs would include, but not be limited to, topics such as drama, art, engineering and computer science.  Anderson would also use the space for individual classrooms to visit during the school day.  Teachers could access the enrichment materials to support lessons or engage students using materials not available in a regular classroom setting.  The funds from the grant would purchase materials for the enrichment lab.  

Engineering with Wind Turbines - Science Assembly by The Lawrence Hall of Science

Anderson was awarded $1440 for a Science Assembly conducted by the Lawrence Hall of Science where 4th and 5th graders got to attend a hands-on workshop where they employed engineering practices as they tackled a targeted design challenge to optimize a wind turbine to lift a weight or generate electric current. 

grants awarded in 2014-2015

Grants Awarded in 2014-15 - MEF is happy and proud to award 4 grants to Anderson.

Opening Young Reader's Minds to a World of Non-Fiction

MEF awarded $1000, which will provide a set of non-fiction guided readers for every classroom K-2 to enhance access to informational texts in light of the common core standards. Wills Books will match the book purchase, book to book. This grant will provide all K-2 teachers with quality non-fiction readers.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Check in Check out Incentives

One aspect of our PBIS program at Anderson is Check in-Check out (CICO). This program helps pair mentors with students that are finding it difficult to stay safe, responsible, and respectful to their self, peers, and or teachers. While on this program, students are monitored daily aEnd have daily, weekly, and monthly goals that they help create. It is a program that looks at the positive and helps create and sustain positive interactions between students and educators. The grant of $500 will expand our prize selection and tailor the selection more to the specific interests of the students on CICO.

Excercising the Body, Mind & Soul

 This grant of $500 is to help Anderson create a safe, responsible, and respectful environment in which we produce productive students and community members. The Home and School Club is looking to promote a positive, active, and healthy environment for Anderson’s students. They wish to provide students with the opportunity to exercise their bodies by having the option to choose an enjoyable recess activity.

Live Animal Assembly

The student population at Anderson is not exposed to live animals from other areas of the United States, so it is our intention to bring in a science assembly that would expose our students to live animals and would explore how to take care of them as well as educate them of the types of habitats they live in. All grades K-5 have a life science component in the California State Standards and this science assembly would be an enrichment and great English Language Learner benefit for our students. Our population is predominately Hispanics and therefore there are many students who do not speak much English. This assembly will provide real and sensory stimulation that our language learners need so desperately. It will make science and learning come alive.

MEF is proud to award $500 in grants towards this Assembly.

grants awarded in 2013-2014

Public Announcement System &  Getting an Alligator Mascot to increase School Spirit & Buying Books for the Library

MEF awarded a $3100 grant to Anderson Village Elementary

The grant is going to help Anderson create safe, responsible, and respectful environment in which we produce productive students and community members.

The Home and School Club is looking to create a sense of school pride with an alligator mascot, bring in an animal assembly to the school site that involves live animals, otherwise not seen by our student population. A sound system used for announcements and Workout Wednesdays, to better communicate with students and parents. We also would love to provide more book choices for students who are enriching their minds by reading books from our school library.