Moreland Middle school

grants awarded in 2015-2016

Video Production Equipment for use in the Zero Period Elective Class - $3000

 This equipment will be used to instruct students in proper digital filmmaking and editing techniques. This is an essential 21st century skill that the students will have an opportunity to learn and develop to meet the increasing demands for digital media in a tech-driven, internet economy. The grant will be used to purchase ipads,computer, lights, tripods and green screens.

grants awarded in 2014-2015

6th grade Project Based Learning - Family Fun Night

Students in 6th grade Core classes and two of the Math/Science classes are working collaboratively to plan and host a Family Fun Night in order to answer our essential question: Can a Family Fun Night be a profitable event to raise money for a charity? Students plan and create booths in teams with the goal of using the booth to raise money during the event. Each team is allotted $30 dollars to create their booth. The grant would supply the $30 per booth.

The grant awarded was for $1400 and the Family Fun Night was  held in April. Here are some pictures from the fun event!

'Not My Kid' - Staff and Parent Presentation on Drug Awareness

The 'Not My Kid' presentation empowers and educates families with the knowledge and the courage to identify negative youth behaviors. Prevention rather than intervention is the key. The more we educate all the stakeholders the safer the students will be. The presenation was held in MMS in January 2015.

The grant awarded was for $1300 which facilitated the presentation and travel fees for the presenter. The presentation was well received by the staff and parents. A brief survey about the effectiveness of the presentation was conducted after the event.

PE 'Super Stang' Award

The PE department at MMS was awarded a grant of $800 to continue their 'Super Stang' Award that is given to one boy and one girl each month for not only do everything but go beyond the expecatations. They help others, work hard and help others in all activities and have a positive attitude. The program has been in place at MMS for over 18 years. The students are given a special T-shirt and each year 72 T-shirts are given. It is the highest honor in the PE Department. 

MEF is proud to supprt the PE Department at MMS in recognizing outstanding athletes.

grants awarded in 2013-2014


Supporting TrailBlazin' Behavior Program &  Help with Implementation of the Capturing Kids Heart Philosophy

Supporting TrailBlazin' Behavior Program

Positive Behaivor at MMS is implemented through a program known as Trailblazin' Behaivor. it helps to create a positive and safe environment by teaching the expected behaviors in all areas of the school. One way the students who show positive behavior are rewarded through the distribution of “Trailblazin’ Tickets.” Students who are seen meeting behavior expectations can receive a ticket from a staff member to be turned in for a chance to win weekly and monthly drawings. The school is looking to expand the prize selection to create a “Mustang Market.” They would like more students to have the opportunity to win prizes in the raffle drawings or to purchase prizes with their saved up Trailblazin’ Tickets.

MMS Newsletter

MEF supports their goal of creating a safe and respectful school environment by awarding the requested grant of $1000.

Testimonial from Ms.Amber Lozano (MMS Core Teacher )

The Mustang Market is a big hit with the middle school students! With the money we received from MEF, we purchased drawstring backpacks with our mascot screen-printed on them, Mustang highlighters, and helpful school supplies. One of the challenges with middle school reward programs is getting prizes that the students value. Since we received the grant, we were able to consult our student government team and purchase the items they believed the rest of the student body would like. The students have enjoyed having this option to "spend" their Traiblazin' Tickets instead of surrender them for the raffle. I have received comments from several teachers about the change they have experienced in our school's climate from recent years. The Mustang Market has played a role in that change since it has motivated students to behave safely, respectfully, and responsibly to earn the Trailblazin' Tickets. It has also encouraged our teachers to be more aware of these positive behaviors and to recognize them by handing out the tickets to students. Without MEF's generosity, we would not have this valuable part of our Trailblazin' Behavior program.

Implementing the Capturing Kids Heart Philosophy

Moreland Middle School would like to continue the implementation of the Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) philosophy for the 2013-14 school year. The Capturing Kids Hearts philosophy is based on one statement.  “If you have a child’s heart, you have his head.”   At the three-day conference, teachers learn skills and strategies to create a truly remarkable classroom where trust, respect, and caring relationships flourish.  

During the 2012-13 school year, MMS had the opportunity to send 14 educators to a Capturing Kids Hearts training.  When staff returned to campus, word quickly spread about their experience.  Quotes from staff included the following, “This was a life changing for me.”  “I can’t wait to implement what I learned,” and “This workshop will change how I create and sustain relationships with my students, friends, and family members forever.  Within a few days, fifteen additional staff members voluntarily requested to attend the next training. 

MEF supports their continuing efforts in improving middle school climate and awarded them with a $2750 grant.

Staff members who will attend this conference will present their experiences in the upcoming February meeting of MEF.