Sports in Moreland

Sports in Moreland

Sports in Moreland (SiM), an MEF committee, strives to support, maintain, and improved the after-school sports programs in the Moreland School District.  MEF is committed to Sports in Moreland and financially supporting the Moreland District.

Our goals are

  • to keep our kids fit,

  • to start them on the path to a healthy lifestyle, and

  • to have a well-rounded education.

Physical education and athletics are vital to reaching these goals.  Participating on an athletic team builds confidence, character, and school pride.  It teaches social skills, responsibility and leadership.  For many kids it gives them another reason to be excited about school and learning.  

Although participation in public school sports is free to everyone, it does have its costs. The actual costs of the program are about $150 per student per sport. Of this, the district's budget covers only a portion of the costs. To maintain the after school sports opportunities for all middle school students, your donations to MEF Sports in Moreland (SiM) provide 80% of the funds needed to bridge the gap.

Sports in Moreland now accepts donation directly through the new online registration portal. These donations are used exclusively for the after school sports programs.

To make a separate donation, donate online here

Find out if your employer offers a donation match!  Simply click the button at the end of your donation form.

We always welcome volunteers ready to get involved in Sports in Moreland games and fundraising events.  

There are many different ways to help out and support our students.