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Won’t you join us in The Shadow Circus?

It could be heard in the distance; a train whistle piercing the night. A traveling circus makes its way on to the next town, to the next audience, to the next big top. They would never reach their destination. For as they slept, a spectral hand reached out from beyond the veil and pulled the circus through the void, trapping all in the phantom world. There they remain, slowly going mad as they perform for an audience they cannot see and hoping someone will finally come and take their place.

Younger Adventurers

Did you miss last year’s magical, wizarding trail? Are you worried you younger child won’t enjoy the scary trail? You’re in luck! This year we are rebuilding the wizarding world for a family friendly walk-through trail.

Pictures are from last year’s trail, courtesy of Kristi Turner.

Grimm's Hollow

Grimm’s Hollow will be created by Stuart Kuramoto and his team of Halloween enthusiasts.

Stuart has been the co-creator, director, and event coordinator for many successful Halloween events ranging from the Haunted Forest and Goblyns Glen in Los Gatos, The Haunted Woods in Saratoga, and G.Y.R.O.’s World of Terror in Santa Clara. He and his team have been creating and producing Halloween events for the entire family for over 25 years.