Event Positions

Pumpkin Patch ~ October

Cashier Co-Lead: We are looking for a co-leader. To make the time management a little bit easier. 

Concessions:  Our food is not complicated, and the district has been incredibly helpful making sure everything is compliant. We will keep the food next to the entrance and have a dedicated cashier there this year. This job could totally be a co-leader team. Each person take a weekend or certain nights, etc. The job entails: 

  • Making the shopping list, 
  • getting the food and supplies, 
  • being at the patch about an hour and a half before opening to set up, 
  • being there to make sure everything is cleaned up and stored at night. 
  • ordering dry goods on-line or getting them at Cosco in bulk. 

Field Trip Lead: two people have shared this responsibility to make the time more manageable. 

Our field trips are pretty awesome. 

  • A field trip lasts about an hour and includes: story time, a craft, a hunt and seek on a portion of the trail, and picking out a mini pumpkin.
  • The leader would reach out to schools, pre-schools, day cares, etc. to advertise.
  • Organize the calendar to schedule trips.
  • Make sure everything is set up about 30 minutes before the field trip begins, and put supplies away afterwards. 
  • Be at the field trips to make sure all of the volunteers are set up and ready to go.

Marketing / Advertising: It would be great to have someone focused on getting the yard signs to each school, making sure banners get put up, and helping to get blurb out to everyone, help with our website. 

Middle School Event: A middle school parent to organize an event targeting Middle School Students


  • Pumpkin Chunkin' Contest - Because who doesn't want to do that! Maybe they have to design and build the catapult?
  • A STEAM competition: build a bridge to support five little pumpkins?
  • Escape Room. I've never done one but I've heard that it's all the rage. Maybe escape a circus tent?

Carnival Day Lead. We already have carnival games. This would require going through and making sure everything is working, being there about an hour early to direct set up. Supervise volunteers. Direct Clean up. One afternoon. Minimal prep work ahead of time. 

Pumpkin Carving Event Lead: This is really straight forward. Setting up tables, table cloths, trash cans, and supervising some volunteers. You could fancy this up with a competition or leave it super simple and basic.

Pumpkin Delivery Day Lead: Order pumpkins, coordinate delivery with EDS. 

Star Wars Event Day Lead: I have sent a request to the Golden Gate Garrison to make an appearance. http://www.501stggg.com/ We're talking real live stormtroopers here, people.  Real ones! If we get approved, we can use star wars logos, etc to advertise. We can turn the obstacle course into a jedi training event. How excited are you right now!?! I have no other ideas for this, but if someone would like to run with it, I'm all in.

Fairy / Wizard Event Lead: In the past we've had fairy events, and last year we had an amazing Wizard event. It would be great to have something similar again this year. But, it doesn't have to be exactly the same. 

International Fair Day Lead: All of our schools have these fairs, and last year's event was amazing! If someone is interested in doing it again, please let me know. 

Movie Night:  This one involves set up and break down and movie selection. 

Yearly Positions

MEF BOard Position

2018 - 19 Vice President:

In the absence of the President, the Vice President presides at meetings of the Board of Directors. In the event that the President is unable to serve, the Vice-President shall assume the office of the President of the Foundation. The Vice-President assists the President in any reasonable manner to carry out the directives of the Board of Directors. The Vice President may represent the foundation at the request of the President.

2018- 19 Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall receive, safeguard, disburse and account for all funds of the Foundation and deposit and invest them in such banks, investments, or other depositories the Board of Directors designates. The Treasurer shall prepare and submit such accounting and tax forms as may be required by local, state, and federal law. The Treasurer and President establish a proposed annual budget to be voted on by the Board.

2018 - 19 Secretary:

The Secretary gives notice of meetings and records such proceedings in the minutes. The Secretary shall distribute copies of meeting minutes to the Board in a timely manner. He or she is responsible for the general correspondence of the organization and safekeeping of all documents. The Secretary reviews the policies of the Board and recommend changes. The Secretary may represent the foundation at the request of the President.

2018- 19 Subcommittee Chair (IN TRAINING) for Sports in Moreland (SiM) &/or Music in Moreland (MiM):

Convene committee meetings, keep records of committee meetings and activities, inform the President of committee business, present committee reports to the Board in a timely manner, identify committee goals, provide leadership in transition to a new chair. Establish subcommittee budget and confer with the school district to establish priorities. Plan and organize subcommittee fundraisers.

MEF - School / Community Representative

MEF strives to include all stakeholders in our community in our planning, deliberations, and activities. Representatives from community partners are encouraged to attend meetings, give reports to the board, and contribute to discussions and activities. Community representatives are not voting members of the Board of Directors. Community representatives may include but are not limited to:

  • 􏰀  Moreland School District Representatives

  • 􏰀  Board of Trustees Representatives

  • 􏰀  Student Representatives

  • 􏰀  Corporate and Community Representatives

  • 􏰀  Parent groups