Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants

The Innovation Grants Program supports innovative and creative approaches to education; including, but not limited to, science, math, reading, technology, critical thinking and problem solving, the arts, and physical education.

Grants are available to teachers, administrators, parents and students.  Ideally, the Innovation Grants Program will identify programs that, once successfully established, can be sustained and modeled by others in Moreland.

The money for the Innovation Grants Program is raised through direct donations and various fundraising  events throughout the year.

Click on the buttons below to see examples of grants awarded to each Moreland School.

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Just a few examples of grants awarded by MEF:

  • Project Based Learning program for Grade 6 at Latimer

  • Outdoor classroom at EDS

  • Learning Robotics with Dot & Dash at Country Lane

  • Equipment for Baker Broadcast at Baker

  • Video Production equipment at MMS

  • An Enrichment Lab and Science Assembly at Anderson

  • Audio Equipment at Payne


Grant applications will be evaluated on several criteria, including: the extent, to which the project enriches educational experience, challenges students, shows creativity and innovation, has realistic objectives, and reaches a significant number of students. 

Grant money may be used for educational materials, programs, and technology unique to the grant project.  Teacher stipends will be considered if the grant requires considerable teacher time.

Programs submitted for consideration should enhance existing curriculum or pilot innovative programs.  The program should not underwrite basic school supplies, curriculum, or facilities that should be met by the school district.

application process

Applicants fill out a detailed questionnaire which is evaluated by the chair of the Innovation Grants Chair.  The application is then presented to the board for a vote.

MEF volunteers are available to talk with you about grant ideas any time. If you are applying for a grant as part of a Project Based Learning project, you can have your students fill out a grant application designed for them.  A volunteer can talk with your class about grants and the application process.

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