Moreland Pumpkin Patch

We are looking for volunteers for the 2017 Pumpkin Patch!


This year is the 15th year of the Moreland District Pumpkin Patch!

The MEF Pumpkin Patch is a beloved Moreland tradition that combines family fun with community building and fundraising. It attracts over 3,000 visitors each year!

All the schools in the Moreland District work together to create a magical Pumpkin Patch where our kids can play games, explore, get spooked, try new foods, listen to stories, and work on crafts. The Patch is located next door to Easterbrook Discovery School, temporarily taking over the Moreland Woods.

Check out the volunteer opportunities below:

Volunteer Manager

The Volunteer Manager will recruit volunteers, ensure event leads have adequate volunteers staff, and oversee training of volunteers.

Events Lead

Every weekend, a different event is planned.  Let your imagination run wild!

Event Leads are responsible for all aspects of their event, including; recruiting volunteers, adhering to budget, purchasing supplies, setup and cleanup.

Concessions Manager

The Concessions Manager oversees every aspect of the concession stand including; the menu, equipment, supplies, setup and cleanup, and volunteer training.

Accounting Manager

The Accounting Manager develops and manages the budget and oversees income, expenses, and reimbursements before, during, and after the Patch. After the Patch closes, the Accounting Manager will ensure all of the accounts and reimbursements are paid, monies are deposited, and provide a comprehensive accounting report.

Along with our traditional pumpkin sales and family-friendly events, we have an amazing team of actors and Halloween enthusiasts who transform the Moreland Woods into Grimm's Hollow, a scenic trail that opens to the general public.

Proceeds from the Pumpkin Patch go directly to MEF, to benefit our children through arts, sports and science programs. The MEF Pumpkin Patch is a wonderful way to celebrate the season and give back to our community!

A note on parking: Please do not block driveways or other cars. Walking, biking and carpooling is encouraged. There is a bike rack near the Pumpkin Patch entrance, and there will be stroller parking near the ticket office. Thank you for your cooperation in helping make this a fun event for all.