If you are under 18.  Please bring a permission slip completed by your parents. 

Pumpkin Patch Set UP

Sunday, October 1, 9:00am-1:30pm

MEF volunteers are decorating the Moreland Woods. Please join us if you can - even if it's just for a short time.


We need to put up decorations, tents, lights, and some burlap fences.

There will be some heavy lifting to put up our light poles and string the cafe lights for some amazing ambiance.  

Please wear comfortable work clothes, and bring work gloves if you have them. We will have water coolers to refill your water bottles.


Are you ready for the 15th annual Pumpkin Patch?


There are two full weeks of events, field trips, and fun. You can sign up for an hour here and there - whatever works for your schedule. The more hours you volunteer, the more incentives you earn.

This is also an excellent opportunity for your middle schooler or high schooler to earn community service hours.

Follow the link to see all of the opportunities available.


Volunteer Incentives

*Grimm’s Hollow Trail pass(es) to be used on the night of your choice if space is available. (Some nights will be busier than others, please plan accordingly.)

incentive table.jpeg