If you are under 18.  Please bring a permission slip completed by your parents. 

Moreland Woods Work Day

Saturday, September 16, 9am-12pm

MEF volunteers are cleaning up the Moreland Woods. Please join us if you can - even if it's just for a short time.


We will be pulling weeds, trimming trees, raking leaves, and getting the woods all ready for the school year and the Pumpkin Patch.

If you have a landscaping company and can offer help with tools or supplies and leveling some ground, please let us know! We want to make sure the woods are safe for our students and visitors. 

Please wear comfortable work clothes, and bring work gloves if you have them. We will have water coolers to refill your water bottles.


Concessions Manager

We are still looking for someone that can supervise our concessions. This year we are trying to find creative ways to bring healthy food in from local restaurants. The Concessions Lead would supervise delivery of the food, set-up, and clean-up at the end of the night.  This would only happen two or three days during the event.

Interested? Have questions? Just let me know. secretary@mefhome.org


Pumpkin Patch Events

Our hard working and creative volunteers are busy creating some exciting events for the Pumpkin patch. They could use a little help getting these events perfect.  Can you help?


International Fair - Oct 21

We are looking for performances to represent our diverse and multicultural community through dance, songs, music, martial arts...
Please contact mariola.lopez.ayllon@gmail.com if you would like to learn more.

Wizard Training - Oct 22

Trimming any trees? We are looking for branches that will make the perfect wizarding broom; straight branches 3-5' long. Or maybe you found some straight twigs that are ready to be turned into wands?
How about small plastic water or juice bottles for your potions? Smallish rock that can magically be turned into a sorcerer's stone?

Let us know if you can help! secretary@mefhome.org

Obstacle Course of Terror - Oct 28 - 29

The terrifying course needs some tree stumps to challenge our competitors. Can you help?  secretary@mefhome.org