K-1 Class Descriptions

Art Exploration*

Teacher: Kelli McMaster

Session A only

Come to an art studio where students can be inspired by artists, learn and try some new techniques, and explore different materials.

Botanical Art*

Teacher: Erica Paisley

In this class, students will learn about plants and plant-based materials. They will use this knowledge to create arts and crafts using a variety of mediums. 

Intro to Art*

Teacher: Nicole Myers

In this course, students will learn art theories such as color theory and perspective through projects using a variety of mediums. They will also learn about some of the worlds great artis and practice their styles.

This is a 3-hr class for students entering kindergarten-first grade in Fall 2018. Students will have opportunities to socialize with peers while building pre-reading skills,, number sense, and beginning writing. Students will make art, participate in music, and experiment with science. Build your child's confidence with this tremendous opportunity in summer. 

K-1 Readiness

Teacher: Jennifer Le

MAth in the Kitchen

Teacher: Laura Dumont

Attention all Junior Chefs! Have you ever stopped to consider how often you count, measure, estimate, and compare when you are cooking? Your kitchen is rich with fun and yummy ways for you to learn the basics of numbers, counting, and measuring. We will explore real-world applications of important math concepts during this delicious class!

Language ASL

Teacher: Kelli McMaster

Session A only

In “An Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL)” students will be introduced to Deaf culture, basic signs used in daily communication, vocabulary centered around literature, and the ASL alphabet. Students will have fun as they are introduced to ASL through songs and activities.”

This is a project based class. Students will explore Mars, and build both reading and writing skills as they learn about building a city on that planet. Students will get the opportunity to build their own models of the city. 

Living on Mars

Teacher: Raquel Kirby

This is an art class designed to designed to teach about famous artists and their styles. The students will learn about elements of art, color theory, and techniques various artists’s used. Students will create art, inspired by the artists, using various mediums.

Mixed Media Art*

Teacher: Danielle Baker

In this Music Together class, children will experience music in a variety of forms. Children will be singing, dancing and exploring different musical instruments on a daily basis. Music Together is an internationally recognized program that has been created for children to be introduced and exposed to music in creative and fun ways. The goal of this class is to help children gain basic music competence, being able to sing on pitch and find rhythm with their bodies.

Music Together

Teacher: Lacie Burger

Session A only

Nutrition 101

Teacher: Stephanie Little

Through games, videos, and activities, this class would provide a fun way to learn about foods and healthy lifestyles. Students will gain a better understanding of science and nutrition. 

In this class, students will learn how to use their breath to enhance concentration and focus; participate in activities to learn how to be present and mindful; and learn strategies to reduce anxiety. 

Yoga & Mindful-ness

Teacher: Terry Walsh