What does MEF support?

The MEF 2016 Annual Fund Drive raised $183,000, which funded the following:

  • $75,000 toward our 4th -8 th grade Instrumental Music Program;
  • $59,000 toward after school sports;
  • $22,500 for zero periods at all three middle schools;
  • $14,000 for Art at all schools; and
  • $12,500 for science assemblies at all schools.

The 2017 Fund Drive plans to support the same programs. In past years MEF has provided support for lower class sizes in K-3, libraries, technology, after school sports, teacher training and funds for innovative math, language and art curriculums.

In addition, MEF annually gives small grants to individual schools and programs that apply for needed funding. To learn more about the small grant program go to: www.mefhome.org.

Public school is supposed to be free. Why do I have to pay?

The reality is that funding for public schools in California is not enough. Moreland School District has faced over $5 Million in cuts over the last several years. There is no waste to cut from the budget and classrooms are being directly affected. For our children to be competitive with students across the state, country and the globe, we must invest in their schools now.

Why are both H&SC and MEF raising money for the schools?

Both organizations provide vital support for our schools. MEF raises money to fund essential enrichment school programs and resources and to pay salaries of the teachers that teach those programs across the district. The H&SC or PTO, funds site-specific needs like field trips, computers, playground equipment, special events and teacher grants. H&SC or PTO funds cannot be used to pay teachers’ salaries at individual schools.

How much should I give to MEF?

During our donation drive held in the spring, MEF asks every family to consider giving $275 per child enrolled in the school district, or whatever amount they are comfortable donating. Families who may be able to give significantly more are encouraged to do so. Every donation supports our kids. We also have installment options on our website.

What if I already give to Music In Moreland or Sports In Moreland?

If you have a student in our music or sports programs, you will also be asked to contribute to the MiM or SiM direct donation drives. We encourage you to give to both the Annual Fund Drive and the MiM/SiM drives. The amount of money that we allocate to MiM and SiM Budgets from the Annual Fund Drive is not enough to cover the expenses of the Music and Sports Program, which is why the separate MiM and SiM donation drives are necessary. Together it ensures that Moreland students continue to receive quality Music and Sports education. For specific information about what the MiM and SiM direct donation drives support, please visit the MiM and SiM tabs at www.mefhome.org.

What about the Parcel Tax I have heard about?

On June 7, 2016, voters approved Measure G Parcel Tax assessment for $142.00 per parcel for eight years. Parcel Tax funds allow Moreland School District to attract and retain high quality teachers, maintain high-quality science, reading and math programs, including classroom technology and learning materials, keep class size small and keep school libraries open and accessible to students. The tax is assessed against each parcel of taxable land within MSD boundaries.

What about the Measure K Bond that passed in 2010?

This bond will continue to improve the buildings and classrooms that house our students. Projects include installing solar panels on all of our school sites to decrease the use of general fund money. Bond money cannot be used to pay salaries, which is the biggest part of a district’s budget. Go to www.moreland.org and search for Measure K for more information. What is MEF's administrative overhead? -Our overhead is about 10%. All of our board and representative positions are volunteer positions. However, we are creating an Operations Manager position that will be paid, new in 2017.

Who can I contact if I want to know more about the financials of the MEF Foundation?

If you have any questions about financial information please email president@mefhome.org.  All request of financial information are responded to within 30 days.