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  • Why donate to MEF's Sports in Moreland?
  • What is MEF's Sports in Moreland?
  • Upcoming Fundraising Events
  • Sports in Moreland Meeting Minutes and Schedule
  • Useful Links to EDS Athletics and MMS Athletics
  •  Download the SiM brochure for more information 

Why donate to MEF's Sports in Moreland?

Due to the continuing budget crisis, the after school sports programs in Moreland School District are underfunded and need your help.  Although participation in public school sports is free to everyone, it does have it's costs. The actual costs of the program are about $150 per student per sport. Of this, the district's budget only covers about $50 per student, per sport.  This is where MEF's Sports in Moreland (SiM) comes in.

To bridge the gap in funding, and maintain the after school sports program, MEF's SiM asks for direct donations and holds fundraising events.  We request families donate $80 or more to SiM per student per sport, to be used exclusiviely for the after school sports programs.  SiM also seeks and excepts general donations not specifically associated with a single player or sport.

Athletics plays an important role in our schools.  Participating on an athletic team builds confidence, character, and school pride.  It teaches social skills, responcibility and leadership.  For many kids it gives them another reason to be excited about school and learning.  Please help support the Moreland School District after school sports program and make a donation to SiM today!

What is MEF's Sports in Morleand?

MEF's Sports in Moreland (SiM) is a sub-group within MEF and its goals are to maintain, support and improve the after-school sports programs in the Moreland School District.  This group is comprised of volunteer parents and community members.  SiM functions under the charter and charitable status of the Moreland Educational Foundation. 

Due to the continued budget crisis, after school sports programs are under funded and in danger of being eliminated. MEF's Sports in Moreland works with the district and fundraises to support these programs.

We all want our children to be healthy and have a well-rounded education.  Physical education and athletics in our schools play an important role in reaching this goal. Moreland School District students have regularly scheduled physical education and many middle school students participate in after-school sports. These programs have the obvious benefits of keeping our kids fit and starting them on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, studies have shown a link between participation in organized sports and improved academic performance. Please join SiM and see what you can do to make a difference.For questions and additional information, please contact the MEF Sports in Moreland coordinator.

Upcoming Fundraising Events

We currently planning for Sports in Moreland Events for the 2016-17 school year.

The SiM representatives from the 3 middle schools are planning events for this school year.  If you are interested in helping out with these events, or would like more information, please contact the MEF Sports in Moreland coordinator.